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Things to Do in Bournemouth in the Rain

Are you searching for things to do in Bournemouth in the rain? If so, look no further than RockReef – Bournemouth’s premiere indoor activity attraction. Boasting a variety of indoor climbing walls and other exciting activities, there’s plenty here to keep the whole family entertained, no matter what the weather’s like outside. For more information or to make a booking call us today on 01202 983983.

Fun and Exciting Activities in Bournemouth

Whether it’s half term, Easter break, the summer holidays or the weekend, for kids that means no more school and plenty of time for fun. For adults, finding ways to keep the kids entertained can be a little tricky, especially when the weather refuses to play ball. If you’re looking for things to do in Bournemouth in the rain, look no further than RockReef.

There’s plenty to do here at RockReef with activities suited to anyone aged 4-94. Challenge your friends and family on the Clip ‘n Climb walls or take a Leap of Faith. Whatever takes your fancy, RockReef provides a great way to spend the day with the family when it’s miserable and wet outdoors.

Clip ‘n Climb

Our Clip ‘n Climb walls definitely rank among the best things to do in Bournemouth. There are 25 different walls in all to choose from, each one providing varying levels of difficulty. Whether you’ve never climbed before or you’re a pro, you’ll find something to test your mettle against.

No prior climbing experience is required, and all equipment is provided as well as a 30-minute induction. Test your speed, decide on the quickest or hardest route to navigate or challenge yourself to find out where to distribute your weight or how to grip the holds. How you approach each wall is entirely up to you. At RockReef, we provide things to do in Bournemouth in the rain that are designed to provide a challenge.

Race your friends on the ‘Speed Climb’, tackle the ‘Triffid’ – one of RockReef’s hardest climbs – or put your skills to the test by climbing commando-style on the ‘Jungle Vines’. There’s also our ‘Stairway to Heaven’ climbing challenge to master too. Is it any wonder our Clip ‘n Climb walls are highly regarded among those looking for activities in Bournemouth? Click on our Clip ‘n Climb challenges page for more information.

Pier Cave

Consisting of three separate colour coded tunnels, the Pier Cave is an excellent diversion that is suitable for all skill levels. Traverse the Green Route for a more relaxed experience that is perfect for first-timers. The White Route ups the difficulty level and is intended for those with a little more practice under their belt. For the true Pier Cave veterans, the Red Route offers the biggest challenge to those looking for things to do in Bournemouth in the rain.

Cavers will experience all the various twists and turns as they navigate their way to the central ball pit. The ball pit is overlooked by a clear glass window situated in the RockReef Café. At RockReef, the Pier Cave is one of our favourite things to do in Bournemouth in the rain.


The HighLine aerial obstacle course suspends you 20ft in the air. Along the way, visitors will be faced with a number of obstacles including swing logs, the ever-moving cross logs, hi-low steps and more. Those looking for things to do in Bournemouth will find that the HighLine aerial obstacle course provides all the right challenges and is great fun for kids and adults alike.

Before you partake in the HighLine aerial obstacle course, choose your difficulty level:

  • Level 1 – Complete the course without falling off.
  • Level 2 – Complete the course without holding on to your harness line.
  • Level 3 – Complete the course while connected by a sling to a fellow adventurer.
  • Level 4 – Complete the course while blindfolded.
Things to Do in Bournemouth in the Rain

Vertical Slide

The Vertical Drop Slide sees you hanging onto a set of handlebars as you’re slowly winched up 25ft into the air. The challenge is to see how long you can hold on before you let go. A full body suit is worn to protect the skin.

Why Choose RockReef for Things to Do in Bournemouth in the Rain?

Situated on Bournemouth’s iconic pier, RockReef is a fun, action-packed indoor activities venue for all ages.

A popular choice for things to do in Bournemouth in the rain, RockReef is sure to be a guaranteed hit with your family. We cater to birthday parties, school groups, corporate events, stag/hen parties and even offer private hire.

Activities in Bournemouth don’t come more thrilling than these, and for those looking to relax afterwards, there’s even RockReef Café. Watch the action or unwind and enjoy the sea views. Visitors will discover a fantastic menu consisting of snacks, light bites, pizzas, hot and cold drinks. There’s plenty here to enjoy with options for kids and grown-ups available.

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Call RockReef today on 01202 983983 to find out for yourself why we’re the best choice for things to do in Bournemouth in the rain.