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Indoor Activities Bournemouth

Are you planning an action-packed day of excitement for the kids? Or are you looking for something fun for you and your colleagues to partake in? Whatever your reason for choosing RockReef, you won’t be disappointed. As Bournemouth’s premier indoor attraction, you’ll find plenty of exciting activities for guests aged 4-94! Start your adventure today by calling RockReef on 01202 983983 and discover the most enthralling indoor activities indoor activities, Bournemouth.

The Number One Choice for Indoor Activities in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is hardly short of things to do, and one of the area’s premier attractions just happens to be located bang smack on Bournemouth’s iconic pier. RockReef provides the experience of adventure with a wide assortment of indoor activities, Bournemouth can expect to keep them amused for hours on end. Whether you’re looking to keep the kids entertained or to spend some time with friends, you won’t find a better choice than right here at RockReef.

You can discover more about our Bournemouth indoor activities by reading below.

Clip ‘n Climb

At RockReef, you’ll discover something to challenge visitors of all skill levels with 28 unique Clip ‘n Climb walls as well as our Stairway to Heaven climbing challenge. Whether you’re four years or 94 years of age, you’re sure to have copious amounts of fun while testing your abilities to their limits with our indoor activities, Bournemouth. As well as relying on your agility, confidence and climbing skills, the ability to problem solve is essential.

Perhaps you wish to test your speed, or maybe you’d like to challenge yourself to find the hardest route to your goal. There are many possible challenges to undertake, so make sure you pick the one that is right for you. No climbing experience is required as full training will be provided.

Indoor Activities Bournemouth

Advanced Challenges

Test your abilities and try and earn your spot as our fastest climber of the year by taking part in our ‘Speed Climb’. The Speed Climb pits two climbers against each other on two identical walls to see who can reach the top faster. The only thing you have to assist you are your climbing skills.

The Triffid also features prominently among our indoor activities in Bournemouth. Regarded as being one of the most challenging walls to master, the Triffid only features finger holes and no hand grips. Alternatively, why not test your skills with ice picks on the ‘Dry Ice’ wall, take down ‘Lightning Crackle’ or test your climbing skills to the limit on the ‘Jungle Vines’ wall?

Learn more about our Clip ‘n Climb challenges and prepare yourself for an adrenaline fuelled experience.

Pier Zip

While searching for things to do in Bournemouth, make sure you check out the world’s first pier to shore zip wire. With dual zip lines, family and friends will be free to share in the thrill and excitement as they “zip surf” 250 metres above the water. The zip line starts at the end of Bournemouth Pier and ends at the beach. If you have a GoPro, PierZip provides the opportunity to grab some amazing footage of the stunning coastline.

Pier Cave

The Pier Cave, without a doubt, ranks among the best indoor activities Bournemouth can offer. There are three tunnels to explore each one offering a different level of difficulty. Discover the various twists, turns, dips, bumps and rocks and find your way to the other side with only your wits to guide you. Each tunnel leads into a central ball pit which can be viewed from above through a clear glass window by friends and family sitting in the RockReef Café.

The three different routes visitors can take are as follows:

  • Green Route – Easy
  • White Route – Medium
  • Red Route – Hard


Suspended 20ft in the air, Highline adds a whole new twist to the climbing experience as visitors will have to navigate various hurdles without ever touching the ground. From Swing Logs and ever-moving Cross Logs to Hi-Low Steps and the Tunnel and Slope Walk; there are plenty of challenges here to master. Highline is ideal for those seeking Bournemouth indoor activities which offer either a relaxed pace or one that is more demanding.

Coast along or test your body strength, core stability, balance and agility to the limit. There are various levels of difficulty to conquer from completing the course without falling off to completing the course while blindfolded! To find out more about these indoor activities, Bournemouth can call RockReef now on 01202 983983.

Adrenaline Activities

For the real adrenaline junkies looking for things to do in Bournemouth, RockReef offers two heart-pounding adrenaline activities that are guaranteed to set your pulse racing. The Vertical Drop Slide sees visitors hanging from handlebars which are slowly winched into an upright position. The handlebars can reach a maximum height of 25ft, and the objective is to hang on for as long as possible. Once you let go, gravity will take over as you are pulled back down the slide. A full body suit must be worn for this activity.

If you’re looking for the best indoor activities Bournemouth has seen that offer something a little bit different, the Leap of Faith is for you. You start by climbing a 20ft pole to reach a plank at the top before walking to the edge, when you’re ready, leap forward and try to grab the movable punch bag in front. The level of difficulty can be increased or decreased by moving the bag, and all participants must wear a helmet and full body harness.

RockReef Café

Whether you’re partaking in the indoor activities in Bournemouth or are just here to watch the action, the RockReef Café is the place to kick back and relax. Visitors will enjoy sea views as well as front row seats to all the action below. Located on a mezzanine level, you’ll be free to sit back with a refreshing beverage while taking in the scenery.

There is a fantastic menu providing a diverse selection of snacks, light bites, pizzas and hot and cold drinks, plus there is also a range of ice creams and a Slush Puppy machine too! Looking to recharge your batteries after a long day of indoor activities? Bournemouth visitors can enjoy a slice of cake and a hot drink for only £4.95 or our Climb & Dine for just £5. Alternatively, why not take a look at our menu to see our full range of food and drink?

Why Choose RockReef for Indoor Activities, Bournemouth?

If you’re tired of the usual things to do in Bournemouth and are looking for something fun and exciting and a little bit different, look no further than RockReef. As the premier choice for indoor activities, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself all year round – regardless of the weather outside.

With 28 fantastic Clip ‘n Climb walls, two heart-pounding adrenaline activities and much more, there will be plenty to keep everyone entertained. As the most inclusive choice for indoor activities Bournemouth can offer, our activities are open to all visitors ages 4-94!

Things to Do in Bournemouth

We’re also a great choice for Bournemouth indoor activities for special events, including:

  • Birthday Parties
  • School Groups
  • Corporate Events
  • Stag and Hen Parties
  • Private Hire

So, if you’re searching for the most exciting indoor activities Bournemouth can offer has brought you here, make sure you give us a call today on the number below.


Discover indoor activities Bournemouth visitors will be itching to try right here at RockReef. To find out more, call our team today on 01202 983983.