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An adventure in the air!

HighLine indoor aerial obstacle course

The HighLine aerial obstacle course never fails to thrill as you are suspended 20ft in the air.  The swinging obstacle course includes a diverse mix of challenges, including the Swing Logs, Free Beamer, the ever-moving Cross Logs, Hi-Low Steps, Cargo Net, Tunnel and the Slope Walk.

Set your level of challenge and difficulty before you take on the HighLine obstacle challenges.

Either sit back in your harness and let the course lead you or rise to the challenge and push yourself, testing your body strength, core stability, balance and agility as you are suspended from up high.  Can you pace yourself, get your timing and balance right to successfully complete the course in the best time possible?

Minimum height 1.1mtrs and must be confident at height.

Price: £10 for a 30-minute HighLine session or £6.50 if added to your Clip ‘n Climb session as a combo option. Full details here

Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more
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Complete the course without falling off


Complete the course without holding on to your harness line


Complete the course whilst connected by a sling to a fellow adventurer

(Great for building trust and team building)


Complete the course whilst blindfolded – if you dare!

(The ultimate challenge and thrill…)


 “There’s always the fear that you can fall… it was so exhilarating and exciting!”