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Disability Policy

RockReef Centre welcomes students, staff and visitors with disabilities. The RockReef disability policy outlines key concerns with regards to access and support. We aim to promote a positive attitude towards people with disabilities, and we seek to constantly improve our disability provisions, as well as to meet new legislative requirements. However, due to the age, construction and limitations of the Bournemouth Pier structure we may struggle to provide many alternatives and wider options for some disabilities.

Access to Services

Customers of RockReef will be treated fairly and be given equal access to services irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion & belief, sexual orientation or social class. If you have a disability and we cannot meet your needs, we will endeavour to refer you to an alternative service.

Support Services

RockReef offers a wide range of services and attractions and as such, rely on the participant to decide if their disability would hinder their enjoyment at the venue. We are more than happy to provide assistance as part as the session, but we always require the participant to contact us before just to make sure we will have the minimum requirements and staff to handle any situation.

RockReef Cafe is located at the mezzanine of the Centre with no other way to access, but stairs. For wheelchairs we offer table service on ground floor, as well as Key West restaurant next door that allows wheelchair access.

RockReef staff may be very busy in our peak season therefore it is essential that you contact us with any special requirements in plenty of time before your visit.

We welcome helpers for those cases when a disability impedes the normal enjoyment of the attraction.


RockReef aims to make all attractions accessible (as far as is reasonable according to the limitations of the pier structure and the health and safety statements) to users with disabilities:

We will make as many parts of our Centre, as accessible as possible by wheelchair, except for RockReef Cafe which is accessible only via a staircase. In areas where there are difficulties, staff will assist in any way they can (contact in advance is required). Staff working on service points can be expected to be aware of the problems faced by people with disabilities, and to assist wherever and whenever it is practicably possible. We would ask all staff, participants and visitors to notify us of any problems they anticipate or encounter and we will endeavour to do everything reasonably possible to provide the most appropriate assistance in the circumstances