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COVID-19 Update

In response to the latest COVID-19 Plan B guidelines, we’ve updated our COVID-19 information for our guests.


Here are some of the current measures in place:

 We recommend a face-covering be worn indoors if you are spectating.

Wearing a mask at RockReef is NOT mandatory for climbers and clippers.

Wearing a mask at RockReef is NOT mandatory but if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you are welcome to do so.

We’re spreading out our groups for the induction safety briefing and harnessing to help limit the number of people in one area.

COVID-19 passports will NOT be required for entry to RockReef.

DO NOT attend/visit RockReef if you feel unwell or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.


We will still be offering exciting adventures and refreshing snacks in the café as normal.

RockReef staff will continue to sanitise and clean frequently.

Hand sanitiser will be available throughout your sessions to use regularly and after every climb.


We will update our guidance as any new information comes out.

From all the team at RockReef, thank you so much for your participation in helping us all do our bit to stop the spread of COVID-19.