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The Ho Ho Holidays Have Arrived at RockReef & PierZip!

Christmas Holiday Fun Begins with RockReef & PierZip!

Want something to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas holidays whatever the weather? Live local or staying in the area and are looking for fun things to do at the Bournemouth seafront?

Book your adventure online today and save money off your ticket price!

PierZip – The World’s First Pier to Shore Zip

Boasting a 250-metre dual zip wire, our PierZip is the world’s first pier to shore zip wire!

The dual zip wire means you can ride with family and friends, even challenging them to a race to the shore. You launch from the Zip Tower platform, which is 25 metres above the sea, and race 250 metres over the top of the waves, landing on Bournemouth’s award-winning beach.

This is a truly unique and completely unforgettable experience, incomparable with alternative things to do on Bournemouth beach. There is no better way to experience the amazing panoramic view of Bournemouth and its stunning coastline!

Clip ‘n Climb – up to 28 fun climbing walls!

Each wall creates a different challenge for you; testing your speed, deciding on the quickest or hardest route, or how to grip and distribute your weight.

If you’re searching for things to do at Bournemouth seafront and you have a competitive streak, why not race your friends on the Speed Climb?

Highline – The Indoor Aerial Obstacle Course

This activity never fails to thrill as you are suspended 20ft in the air, traversing a swinging obstacle course which includes Swing Logs, Free Beamer, and the Slope Walk. You can set your own level of challenge and difficulty before you take on our HighLine:

  • Complete the Course Without Falling Off
  • Complete the Course Without Holding on to Your Harness Line
  • Complete the Course Whilst Connected by a Sling to a Fellow Adventurer
  • Complete the Course Whilst Blindfolded

Whether you sit back in your harness and let the course lead you or push yourself, testing your strength, core stability, balance, and agility, this is an activity you’ll enjoy.

Vertical Slide at RockReef Bournemouth

Looking for an Adrenaline Activity?

At RockReef, we have the perfect activity for adrenaline junkies – The Vertical Drop Slide!

Our Vertical Drop Slide is guaranteed to get your heart rate rising! The aim is to hold onto the handlebars and see how high you can go as you’re pulled to an upright position. You will be hanging away from the slide, some 25ft up and you decide when to let go!

Pier Cave – The Ultimate Adventure In The Dark!

Our Pier Cave is the ultimate adventure in the dark, consisting of three separate caving tunnels, each colour coded with varying levels of difficulty.

With this activity, you will learn how to move around the caves, with all their twists, turns, dips, bumps, and rocks. You will crawl your way through to the ball pit, where friends and family can watch from the RockReef Café.

From the Green Route, which is the easiest, through to the medium difficulty White Route and most challenging Red Route, this is an activity to entertain everyone.

Indoor activity centre Bournemouth

Santa Needs Your Help

Help Save Santa at RockReef

Save Christmas and help Santa! Look for the cryptic clues hidden around RockReef’s climbing walls this Christmas!

Learn more about this festive fun challenge at reception when you arrive at RockReef.

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