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Charity Climbing Challenges

Reach new heights while raising money for charity!

RockReef Charity Climbing challenges are an exciting new way to raise money for a charity close to your heart!

We work with you to provide a a safe, secure venue for fun, challenging charity climbing events!

You rent our climbing arena for approximately 2 hours, depending on the challenge and you can invite teams to climb our 28 clip n’climb walls to raise money for your charity by either asking participants to pay an entrance fee and/or commit to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship.

Our instructors will give everyone a full safety brief before they start and provide all the information needed for the challenges.

You don’t need to worry about the weather! RockReef is an indoor venue so all charity climbing events can take place come rain or shine.

Your company/charity will need to provide the Sherpas to keep a check of the height climbed on the day.

One adult is required to accompany up to a maximum of three children under 16.

Team Charity Climbing Challenges

CLIMB SCAFELL PIKE (Highest mountain in England) 978m

CLIMB SNOWDON (Highest mountain in Wales) 1085m

CLIMB BEN NEVIS (Highest mountain in Scotland) 1345m


The above challenges will take a team of 6 approximately 30 minutes or team of 3 around 1hour.

3 PEAKS CHALLENGE (All 3 above mountain peaks) 3408m


The above challenge is recommended for teams of 6-10 people and will take approximately 2 hours depending on ability, including safety brief. Other sizes of teams welcome but timings may change.

CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST (Highest mountain in the world) 8848m


Recommended for teams of at least 15 people minimum, 24 maximum. Will take 2-3 hours depending on team size.

Solo Charity Climbing Challenges

For anyone wanting to take on their own challenge, we can set up individual challenges. Pick your own landmark or challenge or use one of our examples below:

CLIMB BIG BEN (London Clock Tower) 96m

CLIMB THE SHARD (London’s tallest building) 310m



Rise to the top of our climbing walls & your fundraising goals.

You’ll be impressed with what you can achieve!

“So much fun was had by all and we raised a significant amount at the same time too.

We had ten staff climbers and several other staff attending to offer their support and encouragement, it was a great team effort.

The team completed their climbs in one hour 15 minutes, climbing an impressive 3,408 metres.”

– Lewis Manning Hospice Care

Read more about Lewis Manning’s charity climb at RockReef

Additional Challenges

If you want even more competition, we can offer additional challenges for on the day.

For example: Quickest speedwall, quickest Triffid (the hardest climb), quickest team etc.

To get started putting the fun in fundraising with our charity climbing challenges, give us a call on 01202 237915