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The Vertical Slide

Get your heart racing!

Vertical Slide

Adrenaline junkies, this is the slide for you! 

Guaranteed to get your heart rate rising if you dare!  Participants wear a full body suit to protect the skin and to give extra slide ability. Handlebars are winched down, you need to hold on tight and the challenge is to see how high you can go as you are pulled up to an upright position and hang away from the slide, some 25 feet up.

You decide when to let go…feel the gravity and speed as you are pulled back on to the slide! This one is a sure winner in the adrenaline stakes!

Set yourself the target of seeing how much further you can hang on each time you do the Vertical Slide. You’ll amaze yourself with your improvement!

“My advice is, don’t look down, embrace the fear and believe in yourself!”

All participants wear a full slide suit.

Minimum age for the Vertical Slide is 4 years.

Maximum weight for Adrenaline Activities is 120kgs.

Please Note: The Vertical Slide is booked upon entry to RockReef Reception. This Adrenaline Activity cannot be booked online.