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What is RockReef?

RockReef is an all year round indoor Activity Attraction is located at the end of Bournemouth Pier. RockReef is an all-weather attraction based on adventure sports and includes 28 Clip ’n Climb fun, themed, indoor climbing walls providing varying degrees of exciting challenges suitable for all abilities and all ages from 4-94! Other activities include a Vertical Slide drop, a HighLine high ropes aerial obstacle course and the Pier Cave which is a 65-linear metre indoor fun cave experience.


Outside is the awesome PierZip, the world’s first pier-to-shore zip wire, boasting a 250-metre dual zip line. Launching from the zip tower, thrill-seekers can race out over the top of the waves to land on the beach for a unique and unforgettable experience!

How long does the activities take?

The Clip ‘n Climb package lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes. The safety briefing and kit up lasts approximately 30 minutes with 1 hour of climbing time. Within this time you’ll have full use of the 28 Clip n’ Climb walls and Stairway to Heaven.

The Pier Cave has three main routes and the whole course can take up to 30 minutes.

The HighLine activity lasts 30 minutes.

The Clip ‘n Climb Combo package includes the Clip ‘n Climb and either the HighLine course or Pier Cave. The Combo package lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes, the safety briefing and kit up can take up to 30 minutes giving you at least 1 hour of climbing time. Within this time you will have full use of the 28 climbing walls, the Stairway to Heaven and either the HighLine or Pier Cave.

The Ultimate Adventure package includes all our indoor activities; Clip ‘n Climb, Pier Cave, HighLine and Vertical Slide. The Ultimate Adventure package lasts for 2 hours, the safety briefing and kit up can take up to 30 minutes giving you at least 1 and 1/2 hours of climbing time. Within this time you will have full use of the 28 climbing walls, the Stairway to Heaven, the HighLine,  Pier Cave and Vertical Slide.

What happens in bad weather?

The best thing about RockReef is that it is indoors, the pier has a shelter running up to the entrance so any rainy days won’t be a problem. If it’s a hot sunny day outside and you want to escape from the heat then this is also a great thing about RockReef!

Is there any age, height or weight restrictions for RockReef?

There is a minimum age of 4 years for the Clip ‘n Climb & Vertical Slide & Pier Cave.

There is a minimum height of 1.1 metres for the Highline. Maximum weight limit of 100kg.

There is no minimum height for Clip ‘n Climb.


Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times (the adult does not have to participate in climbing activities – just supervising). One adult can accompany up to three children under the age of 16 and will be required to attend the safety briefing with them and ensure that they are safely clipped in at all times.

Can I buy gift vouchers for RockReef?

Yes you can! Whether it’s someone’s Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or you just feel super nice and want to give the gift of fun!

You can buy Gift Vouchers here

What are RockReef's opening hours?

The opening hours can vary depending on the season.

You can view our Opening Hours here

Our current opening hours are updated on a regular basis.

Can I climb or take part in RockReef activities if I am pregnant?

We recommend that pregnant women do not take part in RockReef activities (as it involves climbing, heights and physical activity that could have associated risks).

We suggest that you seek advice from your doctor on the matter.

Is RockReef just for kids?

Definitely not no! In fact, it’s very popular with all ages of Adults from 18 all the way to 94!

My child is under 4 years old, are they able to participate in RockReef?

Sadly RockReef & PierZip activities are only for children aged 4 and up.

Do you run any sessions for SEND children?

Yes we do, in fact we have dedicated evenings for Clip ‘n Climb every Thursday afternoon (term time) from 4pm to 5:30pm. To learn more about these evenings, please click here.


What is the PierZip?

Outside is the awesome PierZip, the world’s first pier-to-shore zip wire, boasting a 250-metre dual zip line. Launching from the zip tower, thrill-seekers can race out over the top of the waves to land on the beach for a unique and unforgettable experience!

What happens when the weather is bad for PierZip?

The PierZip operates in most weather including rain.

If for some reason we are unable to open due to extreme weather such as high winds or thunderstorms, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible and book you an alternative date and time of your choosing.

If this isn’t possible and we’ve made the decision to close for the day you can cancel your booking.

What are PierZip opening hours?

The opening hours can vary depending on the season.

You can view our Opening Hours here

Our current opening hours are updated on a regular basis.

Is the PierZip open all year round?

The PierZip is open weekends and daily during half term, summer holidays and July.

The PierZip is closed for annual maintenance during the month of January.

Is there any age, height or weight restrictions for PierZip?
  • Minimum Age 6 years
  • Minimum Height 1.3 metres
  • Minimum Weight 30kg
  • Maximum Weight 120kg

(These weight restrictions can vary depending on the weather conditions)


  • An adult must accompany children under 16 until harnessed.
  • Bad weather, especially high winds or very heavy rain, could result in the PierZip being closed for safety reasons.
  • We will try to notify you as soon as possible to reschedule your booking.
  • We have a 48 hours cancellation and no refund policy.

We’ll update our social media platforms if the PierZip is closed due to the weather, in which case, your ride will be rescheduled to a suitable date of your choice. Make sure you check online before your visit.

Can I PierZip if I am pregnant?

Pregnant women are NOT allowed to participate in PierZip for health & safety reasons.

Can I buy gift vouchers for the PierZip?

Yes you can! Whether it’s someone’s Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or you just feel super nice and want to give the gift of fun!

You can buy Gift Vouchers here


How do I book RockReef or PierZip?

We recommend booking online as you save up to 15% off your tickets rather than through walk-in pricing.

Book your tickets here

Or you can call RockReef reception on 01202 983983.

Do I have to book in advance?

Yes, we absolutely recommend booking online here.

Not only do you save money by booking online (rather than walk-in price), you are also guaranteed an allocated slot.

If you walk in, you are not always guaranteed spaces available on the day.

How much does it cost to participate?
Can non-climbers come and watch?

Yes of course! Non-climbers can come and watch from the RockReef Café situated on a mezzanine floor overlooking the climbing arena.

Adults can be non-climbing ‘Clippers’ and 1 adult is required to stay in the arena per every 3 under 16’s as a Clipper (Clippers do not need to pay to enter the climbing arena).

Are there any physical requirements?

All activities demand a degree of agility, strength and stamina. If participants are in any doubt about their ability they are advised to speak to a member of the RockReef staff, who will advise you on your suitability. By signing up to an activity you acknowledge the conditions and participation agreements and that you are in a fit state of health to participate. We must be made aware of any known medical conditions that may affect your participation at the point of booking or prior to the activity should your circumstances change. As with any sport there is an inherent risk of injury, although through risk assessment and the implement of safety control measures these risks are greatly reduced.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Here at RockReef we are not medically qualified to assess the medical conditions of participants. It will remain your responsibility to do so prior to your visit. We advise you to visit the centre prior to booking or have a good look at our website to undertake your own risk assessment. You may also wish to contact your doctor for further advice.

Are carers allowed to climb for free?

Yes, carers are allowed to climb for free.


How much notice do you need for a booking cancellation?

RockReef & PierZip bookings can be cancelled but no later than 48 hours prior to your booking.

I want to book a Children's Birthday Party. How do I book?

For more on booking, Birthday Parties view our page here

Do you offer student discount?

Yes we do! Students can enjoy a 20% discount at RockReef using the discount code STUDENT20. Please bring your student ID with you when booking as this will be required for entry to RockReef.

Do you offer discount for NHS staff & forces?

Yes we do offer 15% discount for those who work in NHS and forces using the Blue Light Card. Please use the code BLC15 on checkout when booking.

A valid Blue Light Card card MUST be displayed on arrival to receive discount.

Do you offer group discounts?

RockReef can offer varied discounts for groups depending on group size and date of booking, please email events@thebournemouthpier.com for a detailed quote.

Can I amend my booking?

Yes, just give us a call on the booking line on 01202 983983 at least 48 hours prior to your session.

Online Booking

Once purchased, online tickets may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. No ticket may be resold. Any discounts or offers online are available for limited quantities and periods only and shall not be available on bookings made by phone or in person. You can amend your package but need to do this at least 48 hours before the booked start time by calling the booking line on 01202 983983, we will help you to find an alternative date and time suitable for you.

If we need to cancel your booking because of bad weather or reasons beyond our control, we will do our best to let you know in advance and offer alternative dates or times. No refunds will be made for “no shows”, late entry (other than that which is due to RockReef’s delay) or leaving a session prematurely. Exceptional circumstances may apply.


Do I have to pay a Pier Toll?

The BCP council operates the Pier Toll in peak season (usually between April and October), but no problem, your RockReef confirmation will provide free access for anyone included on the ticket, accompanying persons will be required to pay.

Children under 16 with a ticket will be allowed to have one accompanying adult access the pier for free but any extra accompanying persons will be required to pay.

This is for pre-booked sessions only! We cannot refund the pier toll cost for pay on the door tickets.

What shall I wear on the day?

We recommend:

  • Loose and comfortable clothing
  • Closed-toe footwear, secure shoes – e.g. trainers/climbing shoes
  • Swimwear is NOT permitted on any activity at RockReef
  • Skirts and/or dresses is NOT permitted on any activity at RockReef
  • All items MUST be removed from participants’ pockets (please use lockers provided at reception)
  • Long hair must be tied and ALL jewellery removed (please use lockers provided at reception)
  • For your enjoyment and safety please check the weather forecast for the day and dress accordingly.
  • If you are participating in the Vertical Slide, then you MUST be wearing socks as shoes will be removed in order to do the activity. Failure in bringing socks means you will NOT be able to participate in Vertical Slide.
What time do I need to arrive on the day?

You will need to be in the reception area 15 minutes before your session is due to start. If you arrive late, you may be refused entry to your session. We will endeavour to put you on to the next available session which may be much later. Remember, if you are going to take part in more than one attraction, please allow 10 minutes between the end of the first and the beginning of the next one.

Does RockReef have it's own parking?

No RockReef doesn’t have allocated parking, however, there are plenty of car parks nearby:

The closest pay and display car parks are just a few minute’s walk to Key West and RockReef.


The closest car parks are: Bath Road North & South Car Parks – 0.2 miles.

BIC Car Park – 0.2 miles.

Winter Gardens Car Park – 0.3 miles.

Beacon Road Car Park – 0.3 Miles.

Eden Glen Car Park – 0.3 Miles.

Are there lockers/storage facilities?

Indoor RockReef

Lockers are available to store items securely. You may not carry any loose articles or coins in your pockets or on your person whilst participating in any activity. All personal property is stored at your own risk and the management of RockReef accepts no liability for the loss or damage to personal possessions.



Lockers are not provided however we do have trays kept behind reception to store any items that cannot be taken on the PierZip. If you wish to use this please let a member of reception know and they’ll provide you with a wristband for FREE. Once you return to zip base, please show a member of staff your wristband and you’ll get your belongings back.

Are there smoking/vaping areas?

This adventure is smoke free, so no smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises.

Can I bring/drink alcohol?

No alcoholic drinks are permitted within RockReef. You will not be permitted to take part under the influence of alcohol; the staff reserve the right to deny access if they suspect that you may be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Are there any restaurants/coffee shops inside RockReef?

Yes, we have RockReef Cafe located on the mezzanine level of the attraction where you can sit and relax with a coffee, cold drink or a snack, as well as an unsurpassed view of Bournemouth Beach and the coastline down to Boscombe. But if you are looking for more than a snack, visit our Key West restaurant at the end of the pier to enjoy the combination of fresh, home-cooked food, a cool refreshing beer or cocktails and a panoramic view over the bay. We also have The Kiosk situated outside of Key West restaurant where you can grab a drink or snack during the summer.

Where can I buy RockReef gifts?

Inside RockReef and around the pier you will find our gift outlets where you can treat yourself and your family with any range of products to ensure you always remember your great times at RockReef.

Is there wheelchair access into RockReef?

As the building is listed, wheelchair users are asked to see our Disability Policy and contact us directly for more information.

Bournemouth Pier is flat and accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The main entrance to RockReef Activity Attraction is on ground level and has a small ramp and wide double doors to make it easily accessible. The toilets are located on the ground floor and there is a baby changing facility. There is also a disabled toilet accessible from the outside to the East side of the main RockReef entrance. The RockReef café is located on the first floor and only accessible via a staircase. However, there is a viewing and seating area available on the ground floor.

Facilities are accessible to a range of disabilities and it is very dependent on an individual’s abilities as to what each person can do and what assistance they may need to fully enjoy an activity. We can organize private sessions for disabled groups in discussion with you, please contact us for more information.


Where is the nearest coach park?

The nearest coach drop off point is within walking distance, outside Hot Rocks on Bath Road. Local coach parking is also available in Bournemouth, click here for more details.

Are dogs allowed inside RockReef?

No, I’m afraid dogs are not allowed inside RockReef at any given time.

What if I am afraid of heights?

If you are afraid of heights RockReef is the perfect place to conquer your fears. You will be attached to a safety belay device, which takes in the slack as you climb and then lowers you down gently down to the ground. Just let our team know on the day and our instructors will help you every step of the way.

Can I take videos and photos inside RockReef?

Yes, we welcome you to snap away and feel free to tag us on social media! Since RockReef is a place for all family members full of fun and magical moments, we have no restrictions.

Commercial photography and video will need special permission.

Can I video my PierZip experience?

Yes! We offer our customers at reception a video camera to take on the PierZip. This package allows you to capture video whilst you zip down to shore.

The fully automated system takes the footage, transfers it and provides a QR code receipt for our guests to download from their phone, immediately after the experience. Customers can decide whether or not to purchase their video through the Viewpoint app ready to share on social media!


Our fully-trained instructors give all participants initial safety briefing and instruction including familiarisation with safety harnesses and ancillary equipment.

Are there any instructors present during my visit?

Qualified instructors will be on hand at all times to help and supervise as much or as little as you need to feel confident, secure and to ensure you make the most of your time at RockReef.

When do I sign the wavier form?

You can read the waiver form even prior to you getting the tickets. You can access the form (here) or right after you make the payment for your tickets; through a link on your Digitickets; or even when you get to the reception area where you will find a copy of the waiver.

We strongly recommend reading the waiver before you come to avoid queuing and waiting. 

Does RockReef have Insurance?

Yes, RockReef is insured for adventurous activities of up to £10m of public liability – covering all of its attractions. All necessary documentation is available upon request.

Do you have any more questions?

If you have any other questions which have not been answered on this page, please give us a call on 01202 983 983 and a member of our team will be happy to clarify any issues you may have. Alternatively, please email us contact@sarahh153.sg-host.com and we will try our best to respond within 24 hours.